The only reason for you to be here is that youíre a fellow spanking fan; in which case, Iím sure youíre ready to get on to the stories. However, there are a few things I should say first, including some background that will help the stories, and some info that will help explain the site.

First, you need to understand that these stories are based on reality, but they are what I call Ďfictionalizedí. To begin with, like in Dragnet, the names of all characters have been changed to protect the identities of those involved. Unless itís come along in the past week or so, thereís not even a real Bransom, TX. I do this both to protect myself, and so that no one Googles their name, sees one of my stories, recognizes real events, and decides to sue. With as many people in the world as there are, Iím sure the names will belong to someone, but it wonít be someone who reflects these stories. Originally, I intended to use only first names, but there are only so many Jameses about whom you can write stories without it getting really confusing. It was even worse with Jasons and Chrises.

What I mean by fictionalized is that I donít feel the need to stay 100% to reality. I didnít have a camera with me when most of these events happened, and didnít even rush home to write them in a journal. That means that they are only as reliable as my memory to begin. From there, Iíll freely admit that I made changes for dramatic purposes. So, while some stories are probably 99% factual, others are not nearly as close. This is an autobiography, but itís of the Hollywood variety of that critter. Enjoy the stories, like the characters, and even wonder about whatís real or not if youíd like, but donít depend on this as gospel. On the other hand, I love receiving letters, so feel free to write with questions about anything youíd like. I have two policies that relate to this. First, I will not tell you real names. Second, even when I have them, I will not send pictures (that gets back to identifying people, which is something I strongly want to avoid). Other than that, Iím open to anything thatís not a straight flame. Feel free to tell me you donít like a story, but make it constructive, or at least informative. Donít tell me that my writing sucks and my mom needed an abortion.

As I said, Bransom itself is fictionalized. The real Bransom is actually two cities that have grown together. When I was a child, in the 70s, one was a small city, the other was a large town. With the urban flight of the 80s and 90s, the large town became a bedroom of Dallas (even with an hour or more commute), the small city continued to grow, and a third community reached out to us. In the 80s, it was decided for economic reasons, to combine the school districts, because each one couldnít keep up with the growth we were experiencing. Itís that entity that defines what I refer to as Bransom in these stories.

Finally (and we hear a sigh of relief from the audience), I want to tell you a bit about the way Iíve laid out these stories. I decided to go with chronological, because I love many of the people involved in these pages, and I want you to have a chance to meet them and grow to know them as I did. Of course, Iím not going to try to tell you about everything that goes on. This story is really about spanking, not about my life. On the other hand, there are many events that have affected where my life has gone, and Iíll tell you about those as we come to them, so you have an idea whatís happening with us.

Iím not writing the stories chronologically, though. Iíve a list of my stories prepared. Itís not exhaustive, but it is extensive. Iíll be filling in those stories as I feel like writing them. Iíll largely try to work chronologically, but I may feel like writing a story just because I was thinking of someone, or because it just occurred. Iíll make a real effort to get all the major events explained at the beginning, so you understand whatís going on. Then again, letís face it: This is a collection of spanking stories, not a Robert Jordan novel. No one will have to publish an almanac or character bible for you to know whatís happening.

Iíve chosen to use the school year as my yardstick. For children, thatís how everything runs, and itís been with me my entire life. Except for the first section, this will run from the start of summer to the end of the school year, and will stay that way even after I graduate. At the beginning of each year, Iíll tell you about the general things that went on and the effects they had, and will try to keep the stories that donít involve either spankings or sex limited to those. However, even though this is about spankings, itís still my life, so I will share other things with you from time to time. Be sure to check out the rating system, if you want to be able to avoid those non-spanking stories.

If youíve not done so yet, Iíd recommend you read the Caveats, Warnings, and Disclaimers before you continue on. Once again, welcome to Bransom and I hope you enjoy your visit.

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