Oh Yes, They Call Him Gordy

It was February. Weíd just had a spell of nice weather that was starting to come to an end. It was cooler than it had been, but was still about 70. The Ďcold frontí had cooled it off over 15 degrees from the day before, but it was still warm. It was just so cloudy and overcast that it seemed cooler. The boys had been outside all week, but today was just oppressing. They were all inside and making just enough noise that I wasnít worried about what they were doing (itís when theyíre quiet that you have to worry).

It must have been about 4:30 or 5pm and Iíd just started on dinner. Now, you can imagine that Iím used to the pitter patter of little feet around the house. However, when that pitter patter starts falling rapidly, I know itís time to have a talk with someone. I was thinking about that because of the steps of a bare foot coming quickly across the hardwood floor of the dining room. I turned as the steps crossed to the tile of the kitchen and wasnít too surprised by who I saw.

"Gordon James!"

I had to fight not to laugh as he came to a stop. Not just because of the look on his face as he heard his full name called, but because he was running through the house stark naked.

"Iím going to guess that there's a reason for this. Would you care to share?"

He blushed for a second, then stuttered and stammered a few seconds more than that before he finally managed to choke out an answer. "The guys said theyíd give me a dollar each if I'd run around the house like this."

"What do you know about running in the house, Gord?"

"That Iím not supposed toÖ" he said blushing a bit.

"Which guys?"

"Barry, Noah, and the twins."

"Now, did they say you had to run around the house?"

"They said I had to streak."

"Well, for future reference, inside the house, streaking means walking fast, not running. Okay?"

He nodded.

"Good. Then make sure you go all around the house, but donít run again. Then come back here."

He nodded, then showed me his cute, round, pale little bottom as he went out of the kitchen in the other direction. As soon as he was gone, I spoke again, lifting my voice just a little.

"Yíall come in here now."

There was a moments quiet, then four shame-faced boys came slowly into the room.

"Do you want to explain that to me?"

"We were just joking, Dad," Noah assured me.

"Yeah, we didnít meanÖ" Barry's voice trailed off, not sure what he hadnít meant.

"Did you tell him that streaking involves running around nude?"

"Yes," Johnny answered for them, his face slowly going red.

"And you boys all know that running in this house isnít allowed, donít you?"

I waited for four nods.

"But you still dared him to do it."

It wasnít exactly a question, but they all slowly nodded, admitting that they had.

"So, the four of you dared a younger boy to break the house rules?"

They all four paled as they realized exactly why we were standing here. Still, theyíd already admitted it and there wasnít much else they could do, except accept their responsibility. I waited until all four of them had nodded, then sent each of them to their rooms to fetch a dollar.

When the boys returned, I took the dollar bills, folded them, then put them in my front pocket. I did it slowly, and the boys watched carefully, trying to decide if that was going to be all.

When all four were back in front of me, Barry was looking especially guilty.

"Dad, it was my ideaÖ"

"Our idea," Noah interrupted him.

Barry looked gratefully at his older brother before he continued. "The twins were just there."

"Thank you for admitting that, Barry. Guys," I asked, turning to Johnny and Josh, "did you offer Gordy money to do it, or did the guys ask you to?"

Johnny looked, not confused, but like he couldnít decide what he wanted to say. Josh robbed him of the chance to lie his way into trouble, by answering for him.

"We offered. We heard Noah and Barry talking to him, but he didnít act like he was gonna do it, so we offered him some more."

Johnny shot a glare at his brother. Iím not quite sure if he was mad that the other boy had removed his chance to try to talk his way out of it, if maybe he was grateful for that, since he usually talked his way into more trouble instead, or if he was thanking his twin for not mentioning whose idea it had been to offer more money.

"So, youíre saying it wasnít your idea, but Gordy probably wouldnít have done it, if not for your help?"

The two of them blushed, then paled, but both agreed that my summation was basically correct.

"And you thought it would be funny to have him running around the house naked?"

"Heís not shy at all, Dad." Johnny assured me, in case Iíd never noticed it.

"Yeah," Barry went on, "and we thought youíd laugh at it."

I thought about admitting that I nearly had, but didnít want to confuse the issue.

"Whether you meant to get Gordy in trouble or not, you talked him into breaking a house rule. I think you know that youíre not getting off. However, since you think nudity's so funny, you can go ahead and get your clothes off." The stood there staring at me for a moment, as if wondering why Iíd suddenly started speaking Chinese, so I raised my voice a bit to snap, "Now!"

"Our clothes?"



Iím not sure who said what, and some of the questions might have been echoed, but I answered them as best I could. "Yes, yes, yes, and now doesnít mean in three seconds, unless you wantÖ"

I didnít have to think of a good threat; because, by the time Iíd said unless, all four of them were removing something. Even though the boys arenít shy around each other, they started slowing down as they started running out of clothes. When I saw the pace flag, I simply said, "One," and had them moving at top speed again. Iíll bet it wasnít a minute before two pair of boxers and two pair of briefs hit the ground amid the other clothes. I looked at them for a moment, but they just stood there, so I urged them on.

"I said everything."

They looked at each other for a minute, then Barry got it. He poked Noah and Josh and pointed at their feet, where they were both wearing socks. Noah got a weird look on his face and turned to me. I nodded, so the two bent down and removed even those.

As soon as all four were totally nude, I had them pick up their clothes. We stepped over to the breakfast nook and I had them drop the clothes on the bench, while I pulled a chair away from the table and turned it a bit. Then I grabbed Johnny, who was closest, under the arms, put my foot on the chair, tossed him over my knee, and delivered five very hard, fast swats to his rear. He didnít have time to cry. It was more like one continuous wail. My hand was large enough to more than cover one of his cheeks entirely, so five smacks more than covered the entire area. It was a much different spanking than he was used to and I already had him back on his feet, before the pain really began to register That made for a much more vigorous fire dance than my boys normally gave.

All four of us watched Johnny's dance for a moment, before my eyes turned to his twin. Josh, as though feeling the wait of gaze, slowly turned to look at me. Taking a look at his brother, still dancing and crying, his little chest fell in a sigh before he took a step closer to me, so he could be heaved across my upraised knee.

When I say the swats were fast, I mean that it probably didnít take five seconds to land them all, but they were hard enough that my hand was already seriously stinging. Josh's reaction wasnít any different than Johnnyís had been, though maybe slightly higher in pitch. Not six seconds after Iíd lifted him up, I dropped him back to his feet. His dance was no less energetic, and maybe slightly more creative, then Johnnyís had been. Johnnyís dance had slowed as I started to roast his brotherís rump, but it came to a complete stop as he watched Josh and realized that he must have been making just as big a display of himself.

After watching the fresh dance for a brief moment, I caught Noah and Barry exchange a glance, then Noah shrugged and Barry stepped forward, obviously ready to get those over with. I held a hand up towards him.

"Not only did you boys manage to get Gordy in trouble by daring him to break a house rule - by actually offering to pay him to break one; but, you also got your little brothers in trouble. Do you think they would have done this on their own?"

"No, sir," Barry answered, while Noah shook his head before echoing him. (Noahís six months older, but he knows Barry has a lot more experience dealing with me, and will usually follow the younger boyís lead.)

"Youíre supposed to be a good example for your little brothers, arenít you? Not teaching them new ways to get into trouble."

Noah looked unsure if an answer was required, but repeated ĎYes, sir,í when he heard Barry say it.

"Then I think we need to make the point a little more strongly with you two."

Noah paled and Barryís eyes were suddenly damp as I reached down and began to unfasten my belt. Barry tries to be brave about taking his punishments, but the hiss of my belt sliding through the loops unmanned him.

"Please, Daddy. Weíre sorry. We were just playing. Weíll never do it again. Please donít spank us with the belt."

Barryís upset pushed Noah over the edge. He wasnít begging, but the tears were starting to slowly run down his face as the two of them watched me take hold of the buckle, then give the belt one wrap around my fist, before doubling the rest of it over.

The belt I wear is a Dickeys, with two rows of holes. Itís black leather, not exactly light, and I wear a 38. Itís not something you want to spank little kids with or use for long whippings. For this, for once, I thought it might be appropriate.

When I reached for him, Barry started to pull away, then gave a sob and let me take his arm. I pulled him away from the other boys and turned him to face away from me. He yelped and jumped with the first swat, and started to do an energetic strap dance with the second. He was crying hard when the third swat came down, and nearly screamed with the fourth. When I let go of his arm, Barryís dance continued without interruption. Since Barry was in early adolescence, they show he was providing had a little more bounce than what the twins had done.

Noahís eyes slowly shifted away from Barry, and it was obvious he realized that his own time had come. He stepped to me and raised his left arm for me to take. I didnít even have to turn him much. I knew heíd been strapped before, and he took it better than Barry had, but not a lot better. Noah stood still for the first pop, and didnít start dancing until the third, but he was no less energetic than Barry had been, and was probably crying louder than Barry had. Since Noah was better developed than Barry, the show he put on was the best of all.

All the spankings had been so quick that Johnny was still crying a bit by the time I finished with Noah. I stood silently for a moment, watching the four boys in various stages of trying to ease their burning bottoms, until I thought Noah and Barry would be able to listen to me and actually understand what I was telling them.

"Now, you know that running in the house is against the rules. However, thereís nothing against running outside. I want the four of you to walk to the far back, then do five laps around the yard. Make sure you touch all four corners if you donít want to go back over my knee. Iíll be checking on you."


"It was good enough for Gordy, wasn't it? Get going."

They all stood there for a minute, like they couldnít believe I was doing this to them on top of a spanking, but I only had to take one step forward to have all four of them moving towards the back door.

When I turned around, Gordy was standing there, still nude, and had obviously seen at least part of the show.

"Am I in trouble?" he asked.

"Why would you think you were in trouble, Squirt?"

"Because I was running in the house."

"Is that something youíre not supposed to do?"

His bottom lip pouted out a bit and his chin began to quiver as he nodded, but he also started walking slowly to me.

"Have I told you before that you werenít supposed to run in the house?"

He nodded again, and his eyes were beginning to get shiny.

"Have I told you once or more than once?"

He didnít have to think about it. "A lot more than once," he answered with a lot of honesty and a little tremor in his voice.

"Then I guess youíre going to get a spanking. Címere."

He was only a couple of feet away and crossed the distance in a second, holding his arms up to me as he came. I picked him up, but lifted him into a hug. He wrapped his arms around my neck and I held him tightly for a second.

"You know I love you, Gord?"

I could feel him nod against my neck before he answered, "I love you too, Uncle Jack."

I turned my head so I could place a kiss on his cheek, then continued. "But you have to learn to follow the rules, Gordy. If you donítÖ."

I didnít leave the rest to his imagination as I propped my foot back in the chair, then swung him to lie across it. Quicker than I can say, four hard spanks had turned his little bottom a deep red and I dropped him back to his feet. Not afraid of hurting his feelings, I smiled affectionately as he did his own interpretation of that traditional boyhood dance.

Gordyís a little bigger than Bryce, but still much smaller than the twins - thus the shorter spanking. Heíd actually taken it better than they had, though. Not that he hadnít howled as the swats landed, but he wasnít crying as hard and seemed to get himself together quicker than they had.

"Uncle Jack?" he asked, as he stood there rubbing his rear. "Donít I get to sit in your lap?"

"I donít have a lap right now, squirt. How about another hug, instead?"

His smile was all the answer I needed, so I picked him up. He wrapped his arms around my neck and his legs around my waist, so I wrapped my right arm around his back and put my left under his bottom, which drew a hiss. He didnít want down though.

"Do you want to see something funny, Gord?"

"Sure!" he didnít surprise me by answering.

"Letís go watch the boys do their streaking."

He giggled as I carried him towards the back door.

"Oh, and Gordy? Reach in my shirt pocket there. Iíve got something for you."