These stories are fiction. None of the characters or situations in these stories are real. Any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental.

These stories contain depictions of corporal punishment of children as well as homosexual acts and sexual acts between children and between children and adults. These stories are not meant to incite or encourage any acts that may be illegal in a specific area, any more than the novels of Thomas Harris are considered to promote cannibilism and serial murder.

The author of these stories does believe that corporal punishment can be one useful tool in a parent's arsenal, but these stories are not meant to provide guidelines on how to apply it.

All stories are copyright the author. Jack Wells, Bransom TX, and Magicats Comics and Games are all trademarks of the author and all rights are reserved. These stories may not be duplicated in any way without permission of the author, except for short excerpts for review puposes. Any items or entities that are copyright or trademark of other individuals are used only in the publically accepted and legal manner (I.E. - referring to McDonald's or Wal-Mart does not mean I own or claim any right or trademark to these companies).


In order to allow readers some discretion on what they choose to peruse, we've adopted the following rating system for our stories.

R0 - No spanking or sexual situation. Spankings may occur 'off-screen' or be loosely refered to, but these are basically 'just stories'.

R1 - Clothes spankings only and possible, casual, non-descriptive nudity.

R2 - Partially undressed spankings (probably on underclothes).

R3 - Non-descriptive nudity.

R4 - Descriptive nudity

R5 - Sexual discussion or self-masturbation.

R6 - Mutual masturbation.

R7 - Legal sex (betweeen consenting adults or children within 3 years of the same age, which is the definition in this jurisdiction).

R8 - Consenting, but illegal sex.

R9 - Non-consensual sex.

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